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Frequently Asked

Are Ion Layer patches allergy free?
Are there any side effects to NAD+ or Ion Layer patches?
Are there any side effects with NAD+ infusions?
Can I exercise while wearing my Ion Layer patch?
Can I shower or bathe with the patch on?
Can I wear the patch overnight?
Do I need a prescription for NAD+ Patches?
Does this have a needle? Does it hurt?
How do I remove an Ion Layer patch?
Is it normal to experience any irritation or redness on my skin after removing the patch?
Is there any science to support the claims of the benefits of NAD+?
NAD+ sounds like a crazy chemical, how do I know this is safe?
What is NAD+?
Where should I place the NAD+ Patch?
Who are your pharmacy partners?
Why do I have to mix my NAD+ in vials?
Why do you require a photo ID to be uploaded?
Why not use supplement precursors like NMN and NR?
Will I feel pain or discomfort while wearing Ion Layer?