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"NAD is a game-changer. It leaves you feeling like superman." -Ben Greenfield

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NAD (also known as vitamin B3) is critical because it is involved in two major bodily functions:
  1. Energy production: NAD is required for the process that converts the energy in the food you eat into ATP, which is the form of energy currency that your cells can use to function and survive.
  2. Proper cell function: NAD acts to alert your body that cells need maintenance or repair and then enables your cells to react appropriately to restore balance and function.
When you're younger, your body can productively recycle NAD. Unfortunately, as you age, NAD levels dramatically decline and can be depleted, contributing to the premature effects of aging and chronic disease. To prevent NAD depletion, you need to correct the decline in the NAD salvage pathway, which is a short sequence of enzyme-catalyzed reactions necessary for NAD maintenance. Supplemental NAD through niacinamide powder increases the enzymes in that pathway, allowing your body to continue to recycle NAD..."
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What you Get:
1 complete kit per order
6 RX-exclusive Iontophoresis patches
3,000 mg NAD+ coverage per month (500mg/ patch)
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Ion layer

By utilizing our iontophoresis transdermal patches and our high potency at-home activation of NAD+, we're able to provide a non-invasive process to replenish and increase bioavailability of NAD+ in your body.

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No More Needles

You shouldn't have to get a needle stuck in your arm to get the benefits of high dose NAD+ and now you don't with our transdermal iontophoresis patches.

Use Anywhere, at Anytime

No being stuck to an IV bag and tubes. Apply your IonLayer patch like a bandaid and go about normal day to day activities while getting a steady drip of NAD+.

No More Queasy Reactions

NAD+ IVs notoriously lead to cramping and nausea. Our patches deliver NAD+ over 4 hours so you barely feel any reaction to high doses.

High Dose NAD+

Supplement NAD+ precursors like NMN and NR don't supply your body with NAD+ directly. Each IonLayer patch delivers more bioactive NAD+ than most IVs straight to your bloodstream.

Cheaper than IVs

Most NAD+ IVs cost $750+ per 500mg infusion and over $4k for a 6-pack of IVs. Our IonLayer patches are a fraction of the cost so you can use prescription strength NAD+ to reach all of your health goals.

Maximum Bioavailability

Our NAD+ is shipped in its raw state and mixed with sterile water immediately before use to ensure maximum effectiveness and bioavailability.

Frequently Asked Questions



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What is NAD+?

It is a coenzyme that is critical for every cell in your body and the majority of your metabolic processes. A coenzyme is a substance that drives processes forward. It carries electrons around your body that are critical for energy, metabolism, DNA repair, and more. It is critical for life and buffers many physiological processes. As you age and succumb to inflammatory processes, natural NAD+ production decreases.

Why do I have to mix my NAD+ in vials?

NAD+ starts degrading as soon as it is made into a solution. If you'd had any NAD+ that isn't mixed right before you use it, you are likely getting a very low amount, if at all of the active compounds. We supply your raw NAD+ with sterile water to maximize the potency to make sure you get the most out of your treatment as humanly possible.

NAD+ sounds like a crazy chemical, how do I know this is safe?

Sounds crazy, but without NAD+ there would cease to be life. Your body produces NAD+ naturally from B vitamins and via making energy, so it's not a new or foreign compound to the body. There are also other natural ways to make NAD+, such as through nutrition, exercise, and heat exposure.

Does this have a needle? Does it hurt?

Nope! No needles here. Iontophoresis patches use a small one-time use battery to power the current that pushes the NAD+ across your skin and to your bloodstream. The best part? You don't feel a thing. No tingling, pinching, shocking, zapping and best of all -- no needles.

Why not use supplement precursors like NMN and NR?

Precursors to NAD+ have been shown to be effective for some, but many do not experience the benefits of increased NAD+ levels as the amounts are too low. The precursors have to go through many steps, which depending on individual biology, may not be efficient or lead to actually increased levels of NAD+. High dose NAD+ administered directly to the bloodstream, as in IV or iontophoresis applications, leads to a much higher and sustained elevation of serum NAD+ than precursors.

Do I need a prescription for NAD+ Patches?

Yes. The iontophoresis patches contains a small battery operated device that facilitates the absorption of NAD+ through skin into the bloodstream. The patches are considered a medical device due to this mechanism and, therefore, are only available by prescription. Our network of physicians will review your intake form, schedule a virtual consult, and will help you decide if IonLayer is a good fit or not for you. Upon their recommendation they will prescribe IonLayer and it will ship from our partner pharmacy straight to your door.